This photo was taken at the end of the party. Over 100 kids, teens and adults attended.

Welcome to Pacific Bluffs

Pacific Bluffs is located at the corner of Balboa Ave. and Genesee Ave. in San Diego California.  Originally built in 1965 by developer Ashton and Keis, Pacific Bluffs consists of 4 separate developments, each organized into individual corporations.

Corporation 1:  Owns and operates the property consisting of the clubhouse, game room, fitness room, library, pools, playground, basketball court and picnic area.  Corp 1 BOD meeting is open to all residents and shareholders and is held at the clubhouse on the 3rd Monday at 7pm.

Corporation 2: Consists of 82 townhouses.  Corp 2 website.  BOD meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday, 6:30pm at the clubhouse.

Corportaion 3: Consists of 30 townhouses.  BOD meetings are held on the 2nd Monday, 6:30pm at the clubhouse (odd number months only).

Corporation 4: Consists of 174 townhouses.  BOD meetings are held on the 4th Monday, 7pm at the clubhouse.

PacificBluffs.com is owned and maintained by a homeowner residing in Pacific Bluffs Corp 2. This is not an official website for any of the Pacific Bluffs Corporations. Information and links in this website are provided as a courtesy to the community.